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Dawn Simon and Pete Sullivan- Co-owners and Graphic Designers

Swing Graphics started in 2014. Co-owner, Peter Sullivan, worked as a photo editor for the Asbury Park Press and then moved on to working as a graphic designer at a local sign shop. Co-owner and fine artist, Dawn Simon, joined him as a graphic designer after many years of admiring his work in this field.

An acquaintance of theirs asked them to design a logo for her local business and that is where it all began. After working on that project, they soon realized that they could start their own business, offering graphic design services as well as printed marketing materials.

As the brand of Swing Graphics grows, so does the client base. Many people are looking for the particular design aesthetic that Swing Graphics offers.

The company has a few mottos, the most important being "Your Success is our Business." This means that Swing Graphics is committed to creative and innovative design solutions for every type of project. Customized, quality graphics are an effective tool for maximizing the success of any business.

Swing Graphics has an informal code of ethics. Their priorities include treating each client equally, regardless of the size and worth of the project, being respectful and prompt with every customer and always making the best effort to achieve the highest level of quality within each project. They believe that their exceptional work and happy clients are the best forms of advertising.

Erin Buterick - Web Designer

Erin Buterick - Web Designer

As a small business, Swing Graphics has three employees. Dawn Simon and Peter Sullivan are Graphic Designers and Co-Owners. Erin Buterick is the web designer. Dawn Simon is also the supervisor and managing director of employees and interns.


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